Why You Should Power Wash Your Home Before Selling on the Market

Have you recently decided that you want to put your home on the market? No matter what home you have, even a $20 million dollar mansion needs the next level of cleaning. If you want to improve the chances of selling your home quickly, then why not get your home power washed before hiring a photographer to sell help you sell your home on the market.

Here’s why you should power wash your home before selling on the market.

Curb Appeal is Vital to Attracting Potential Buyers

Curb appeal is what heightens the architectural wonder. It is among the most vital parts of selling your home and attracting buyers. With today’s millennial home buyers, many are looking for convenient ways to shop without wasting their time on the drive. That is why a deep cleaned home is essential before taking images of your estate.

The Exterior is What Invites Buyers to Take A Closer Look

The exterior of the home is what will draw in buyers. Even if the home has all the desired features and space, the mold and mildew will distract the buyers. A professional power wash will help get rid of those issues on the surface of your home as well as give it a fresh, clean look that is picture-ready.

Cleaning the sides of your home by a professional washer will also benefit the home as this will get rid of any though dirt, mildew or mold that is hard to remove. This will restore your home’s exterior to a like-new condition.

The Roof Is Always A Considered Condition of the Home

Over time, roofs will start to develop black streaks due to a form of algae that feeds off roof materials. Not only will this damage your roof but also creates an unattractive sight. Before you decide to hire a photographer to make your home look its best, make sure to have your roof cleaned and restore the shingles. This will let buyers see how much you cared for the home and there is no stress in needed to replace the roof anytime soon.

A Small Cost Will Lead to an Increase in the Value of the Home

Power washing your home will be a small investment that will return in the long run. It will greatly increase the value of the property and attract more buyers. The value will increase the buyers notice the potential of the home and appreciate the appeal. When the exterior is ready to move in, it is one less thing for the buyer to worry about doing.


Before you decide to put your million dollar home on the market, be sure to take the time to power wash all surfaces of the home. Leave it to the professionals to get the job done right the first time. Never underestimate the advantage of having a deep cleaned home as it is important to showcase the beauty of your home starting from the images.